We believe that each child is a heritage from the LORD and it is our privilege to instruct and teach them the ways of the LORD. Children’s ministry is a key component of every service at Throne of Grace Ministries. Each year, we prayerfully select the curriculum. A typical day in children’s ministry at Throne of Grace Ministries includes song session, story/lesson time, activities/crafts, memory verses, games, etc. In addition, we have various special events throughout the year such as scripture recitals, Dress up for Jesus, Vacation Bible School, Christmas Programs, etc. Each program is designed to allow children to showcase their talents for the LORD.

This year we have two main curriculums. The curriculum for the weekly Irvine Sunday School is teaching the new testament stories chronologically. In our satellite sites, we are teaching from the book of Proverbs. We believe that each story, song, and activity will bring forth much fruit in each child’s life.

Children's Ministry page from this month Newsletter:

Each month we publish a children’s page in the newsletter. The purpose of the page is to sharpen the child’s knowledge of the Bible in a fun and interactive way. This month’s page is attached below. We encourage your children to complete the page!