Throne of Grace Ministries began on March 15, 2008, in an apartment in Irvine. Since then, God has enlarged our territories. He has given us the grace to establish His services in seven locations: Irvine, Las Vegas (Nevada), Rancho Cucamonga, Woodland Hills, Manchester (Connecticut), San Jose, and Santa Maria.

God has led us faithfully these past eleven years. We began with a monthly service in Irvine and have now progressed to weekly services in Irvine and various monthly services in other locations. In addition, we have been able to add different ministry teams within the church. Some examples of teams include Children’s ministry, Gospel Outreach, Teen’s ministry, Media ministry, and countless others. In 2010, we began our monthly newsletters featuring a promise message for the month and different sections for youth, children, women, and events. Each of these ministries has grown and flourished throughout the years to fulfill God’s purpose.

Through the entire journey, prayer has been an integral part of Throne of Grace Ministries. We believe that it is through prayer that our greatest battles are won. There are monthly county prayers, weekly conference prayers, night prayers, bimonthly fasting prayers, and a yearly prayer conference. We’ve had the privilege in 2015 and 2018 to host the Standing in the Gap Prayer Conference where prayer warriors from across the United States have united to pray for the nation. In 2016, we were able to travel to Israel as a church, see where Jesus Christ walked, experience a renewing of our faith, and pray for the continued prosperity of Israel.

Furthermore, God has graciously allowed Pastor Rajan and Indira Rajan to participate in international missions. Throne of Grace Ministries supports missionaries, ministers, churches, and the educational and medical support of poverty-stricken individuals in India and other needy countries. On numerous occasions, Pastor and Indira Rajan have traveled to India and Sri Lanka to minister in both large arenas and small churches in villages. Recently, God has given them the honor and privilege to travel to Peru and minister there. They have been able to minister in Lima, Amazonian regions, and other small villages throughout Peru. They have spoken at local churches and at a Pastor’s conference. We believe that God has connected our church with other churches and ministries throughout the world for His glory.

As we look back at God’s goodness and His faithfulness, we truly can say that He has walked alongside us, guiding, and carrying this ministry. We believe that God has even greater plans for this ministry and the members of this church in the coming years; we expectantly wait for His continued blessings and leading for the future.